Reports show sap is sweeter than average this year

UNDERHILL, Vt. (WCAX) While the maple season ends at different times for different sugarmakers, there's one thing several are saying about this year -- the sap is sweeter than average.

Mark Isselhardt with the Proctor Maple Research Center says sugarers in traditionally colder areas aren't quite done yet those in warmer areas are probably coming down to their final boils.

He says there was a later start to the season this year, but that most of the producers he talked to are pleased with what they've seen.

"I'm hearing a lot of reports about sweeter than the average sap, and I'm hearing that sort of widespread, so I think that there's probably something to it," said Isselhardt.

He says that will help producers who haven't had an ideal season because you can make more syrup from sweeter sap.