Rescuers find NH hunter who got lost in woods

WARREN, N.H. (AP) Rescuers in New Hampshire have come to the aid of a hunter who lost his way and prepared to spend the night in the woods.

The Fish and Game Department says 29-year-old Todd Wyman, of Glencliff, went hunting in Warren on Tuesday. Officers got a call that he was overdue; his truck was found where he had parked.

Wyman was found in the woods about a half-mile away. He was walking toward it when he became disoriented on some trails. He came to a swamp and decided to stop and spend the night if necessary, rather than try to cross the swamp and risk getting wet or stuck.

Wyman started a fire, then heard an ATV. He was able to get the attention of the conservation officers on the ATVs.

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