Vermonters warned to be wary of counterfeit $100 bills

NEWPORT, Vt. (AP) Police and bank officials in Vermont are warning residents to be wary of counterfeit bills.

The Caledonian-Record reports the Newport Police Department says several counterfeit $100 bills have been in circulation in the Derby and Newport area over the past week.

Police Chief Seth DiSanto says his office is working with the U.S. Secret Service to ensure whoever is responsible is held accountable.

Community National Bank President and CEO Kathryn Austin says special detector pens do not work on the counterfeit bills in circulation.

She says the bills might be blurry compared to other bills and feel rough.

People who end up with counterfeit bills are not eligible for refunds from the bank. Austin says banks are also not reimbursed if counterfeit bills are discovered by federal treasury officials.

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