Results in on Adam Sullivan's COVID-19 tests

LEBANON, N.H. (WCAX) Our Adam Sullivan has the results from the COVID-19 tests he took last week.

Adam took you along last week when he got tested for active COVID-19 and for antibodies, so you could see what the testing was like.

Monday, he got his results from the two tests and it was good news-- both were negative.

Adam never had COVID-19 symptoms, but he did get very sick this winter. So he wanted to get the antibody test to see if he may have gotten the disease and not known it.

Adam said it was a relief to test negative for active COVID-19 since health officials say 30%-40% of people with COVID-19 could be spreading it unknowingly.

But he had mixed feelings about the antibody test, saying part of him almost wished he had been exposed to the virus and recovered.