Milton class of '89 on a quest to find time capsule

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MILTON, Vt. (WCAX) The Milton Elementary School graduating class of 1989 went on a mission Sunday to dig up some old memories.

"We're looking for a time capsule that's in a metal container buried somewhere in this courtyard," says Victor Rivero and Mark Moeykens, alumni of the Milton Elementary School.

Thirty years after graduating, a group of friends set out on a scavenger hunt to find a time capsule they hid somewhere in the school courtyard in fifth grade. They say it has letters they had written to their future selves, newspaper articles and some tokens of the eighties.

"A little mini Rubik's Cube key chain and there were rainbow shoelaces," said Sara Gardner and Odessa Kilby-Way.

"We had a little VHS tape of some of the current events at that time," said Rivero.

But the group had a hard time remembering exactly where they buried the treasure three decades ago.

Refreshing each other's memories, they dug for more than an hour. After several attempts and some false alarms, they called off the search, at least for now.

"We're not gonna give up. One of our classmates remembers there was a map to it and she doesn't know where it is, so we're going to follow up with teachers, principals," said Rivero.

Although they didn't complete their goal, they walked away with something just as sentimental.

"The treasure we found is our friendships. I know that's corny... It brought us together," said Moeykens.