Robots take over at CES

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CBS) Robots that fetch snacks and unbreakable pantyhose are just some of the new products at CES in Las Vegas designed to improve our daily lives.

Opening the fridge to get a drink is a simple task, but it's a big advancement for robots. UBTECH's walker robot aims to be your butler by delivering snacks, hanging your bag, or even standing-in as a dance partner.

Softbank's "Pepper" robot is designed to enhance your shopping experience. You order online, then pick up in store. Pepper uses facial recognition to greet shoppers and deliver the right order.

Pepper also recommends items based partly on information from this tally robot, which can identify extra inventory the store may want to unload.

If fresh bread is a must-have, the bread bot by the Wilkinson Baking Company can make 10 loaves an hour from scratch. The fully-automated bread-making machine measures, mixes, kneads, bakes and sells bread like a vending machine.

There's also high-tech help for your morning routine. "If hair dryer cords have you tangled up, perhaps the Volo Go is for you. It's cordless, uses radiant heat and clocks in at just about $400.

Even pantyhose are getting a tech upgrade. Sheertex is billed as unbreakable pantyhose that won't snag even in a zipper. They are made with ultra polyethelyne, the same material used in climbing equipment and bullet-proof vests.

The hosiery sells for $99.