Rushford Looks to Next Challenge

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 5:17 PM EDT
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Like most of this year's seniors, CVU's Storm Rushford didn't get the storybook ending to his high school career he was looking for .

"Sophomore year I couldn't play," Rushford said. "Last year I was still pretty held back, and this year was sort of gonna be my year, so that was definitely tough to have it taken away."

But that disappointment pales in comparison to what he has already overcome. Nearly three years into treatment for leukemia, Storm can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel .

"Treatment ends up October of this year," he said.

Even though he never got to pitch at full strength, Storm still put up a remarkable high school career. He posted a sub-2.00 ERA and played a key role on CVU's state title team last year. And because he was so good, his baseball career isn't over yet .

"Union's a really good fit for me, it's close but not too close, and it's a really good baseball program, really good school," he said.

It hasn't all been good news for Storm and his family lately. His mother Julieta was diagnosed with cancer last Fall. It is a scary situation for any family, but Storm's experience with his own treatment has made it a little easier to handle .

"Yeah definitely, she had chemo and radiation where I only had chemo so it wasn't that I could completely understand, but for the most part I can kind of relate to what she's going through and I think that helped both of us," Storm said.

Doctors found no metastasis or growth in Julieta's last scan which is encouraging, but the Rushfords have still had to be extra cautious with both she and Storm at higher risk during the COVID pandemic .

"For the first month or two we're like wiping down groceries, not seeing anybody even from six feet apart," Storm said. "Basically being at home with my family 24/7. Not being able to take a break, that was definitely not great."

Storm has taken advantage of the time around his online classes to get outdoors.

"I've been fishing a lot lately, done a lot of hikes and I did a lot of skiing for the first few weeks until that was frowned upon," he said. "But you know I've just been busy outdoors and just doing what I can."

Storm has started to throw the ball around with some of his CVU and SD Ireland teammates, and even though the legion season was officially cancelled, there have been discussions about organizing an unaffiliated summer league. So hopefully Storm and the rest of this year's seniors will get one final chance to play together.

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