Police searching for man who escaped from Rutland hospital

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RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) Police are searching for a man who escaped from the mental health unit at Rutland Regional Medical Center Wednesday morning.

Robert Ettori

According to Rutland City Police, Robert Ettori pushed past the people supposed to be securing him and left the building at around 11 a.m. Investigators tell us that when the 20-year-old was evaluated, doctors said that he may pose a danger to himself or others.

Still, authorities say no threats have been made, so they are most concerned about Ettori's safety in the cold weather.

Police tell us Ettori was committed for a psychological evaluation, and that when he took off, he was only wearing boxer shorts.

Ettori was last seen going into the woods near Perkins Road, but police believe he may have gone into the homes of relatives or friends to get some clothes, without them knowing. That includes a house on Birchwood Avenue, but police are still trying to sort out those details.

"We've deployed four or five K-9s," said David Lachance of the Rutland City Police Dept. "Our own K-9s and K-9s from other towns. We've been assisted by the Vermont State Police Search and Rescue Team and the Vermont National Guard helicopter with the thermal imagery."

In a statement to WCAX News, Nikki Saradelli, the woman who claims to be dating Attori, said: "I don't believe Robbie has any issues that needed medical attention. He is a strong and kind person that is able to take care of himself. I think that if he ran away, he had just cause to do so. I think his family was suffocating him and didn’t give him the room he needed as a young adult. It is only natural instinct to run if people are trying to trap or control you. I'm sure he is just fine, and there is no reason for alarm. I am positive Robbie did not need the medical attention that was being pressured upon him. You have to let people breathe!"

Ettori is described as 5-foot-8, about 135 pounds, with long brown hair and an unkempt beard. Anyone who sees him is asked to call Rutland City Police at 802-773-1816.