Rutland getting rid of fire chief

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RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) Rutland's mayor says a mutual exit agreement is in the works to facilitate the departure of the city's suspended fire chief.

Chief James Larsen-File photo

Earlier this month, Chief James Larsen was suspended without pay for one week after being accused of bullying his subordinates.

Now, Larsen is on paid administrative leave indefinitely.

Rutland Mayor David Allaire says the city and Larsen are working on a mutual exit agreement.

The city will most likely look for a replacement while Deputy Chief Seth Bride fills in as acting chief.

"We will probably proceed into an interim chief and at that point, we will have an internal discussion about whether we want to go out and have a search, or whether or not we can hire someone from within," Allaire said.

This isn't the first time Larsen has had issues as a chief. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, at his last job in Farmington, Minnesota, the City Council asked Larsen to leave for unspecified reasons.

Mayor Allaire says Larsen's job history was vetted during the hiring process and the committee voted unanimously to give him the job.