Rutland March for Our Lives event

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RUTLAND, Vt. Rutland held their own March for Our Lives event for those in Southern Vermont.

“It's been terrifying to know that students just like us are losing their lives, losing their friends in their school,” said Victoria Quint.

Quint, a senior at Rutland High School, helped organize the March for our Lives rally in Rutland on Saturday. Quint with her fellow classmates, hope to increase public awareness and show that students won't stand for their lives being threatened.

“We want to show our legislator, or representatives that we are ready for better, common sense gun legislation, and were going to fight until those changes are made,” she said.

Changes were recently made to Vermont's gun laws. Representative Linda Joy Sullivan was at the rally to inform the public about the new restrictions passed Friday. Some wanted more to be done, but others, want less restrictions.

“It's not a gun problem it’s a people problem, there's evil in the world and we need to eradicate it,” said Dakota Shattuck

Dakota Shattuck brought a completely disarmed AR-15 to the rally. He legally purchased the gun, and passed a mental health screening to get it. He believes legislators are only looking at one side of the gun debate.

“When someone breaks into your house you are going to call someone with a gun and pray they get there in time, why not have one first,” he said.

Hundreds of students and community members gathered and marched along Main Street in Rutland to show their support for the students and tighter gun laws.

“We need change, we can’t have mass shootings every other month, it’s just not ok and this is sort of our way to show it,” said Rutland High School junior Annie Lin.

“It's really a tragedy, and we can’t stand for it, there needs to be change,” said Rutland High School junior Greta Solsaa.