STD numbers on the rise in Vermont

Published: Jun. 20, 2018 at 7:29 AM EDT
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The Vermont Department of Health released its 2017 data of sexually transmitted diseases in the state. It shows the numbers are spiking for certain STDs.

Chlamydia showed a jump of 1,690 cases in 2016 to 1,856 cases in 2017. And gonorrhea cases made health experts even more uneasy. It shows an uptick of 205 cases from 126 from the year before.

Daniel Daltry is the program chief of STDs at the department and says people aren't getting tested properly. STI testing, which is a urine test, has been the norm for patients since 2004. Daltry says many times, people will get a negative result back but it doesn't mean they don't have the infection since the test only screens one orifice of the body.

In 2016, Daltry says medical providers began asking patients for their sexual identity to make sure site-specific tests were done if necessary. Health officials are encouraging providers to be more proactive with patients and for consumers to be open about their sexual activity.