SUNY-Plattsburgh shows its pride with rainbow crosswalk

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) SUNY-Plattsburgh is adding a pop of color to campus ahead of a monthlong celebration.

It's a trend spreading across campuses nationwide-- the pride flag painted as a crosswalk.

This was a student-driven project that took a year to come to fruition.

Dan Khoshkepazi, the student behind it, says he wanted to raise more symbolic support for underrepresented groups on campus. And he thought, what better way to show your pride support than to paint it boldly on one of the most-traveled areas? It lies between the fine arts building and a student parking lot.

Khoshkepazi says the project has had an overwhelming amount of support from students and staff members on campus and from the community.

"I feel like SUNY-Plattsburgh is always very proactive and during my time here we have had our ups and downs, but generally the school has always done its best to accommodate students and do what is right," Khoshkepazi said. "I feel like the opportunity came around and a lot of them were very supportive and when it came to different members of our school administration and I talked about it, they were all very happy and we were looking into how to make it happen."

The school plans to keep the crosswalk and have it repainted every one to two years to keep it from fading.