Saint Johnsbury parade for veterans

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 5:57 PM EST
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The annual Veteran's Day parade marched through Saint Johnsbury Monday.

The St. Jay Academy Band provided patriotic music as veterans walked through downtown. One Veteran, Roger Damon, says he hasn't missed a parade since 1955. The 90-year-old wears a uniform that is combination -- his and his father's -- who saw battle in D-day at Normandy.

"I saw this on Facebook the other day: What is a true veteran? A true veteran is one who signed a blank check to the United States of America and agreed to give everything -- his life, his or her life -- for this nation," said Roland Bigelow, the parade's organizer.

Damon is a retired colonel in the Army Reserves. He's also an international expert on avalanches. You'll see his story on this week's Super Senior coming up Thursday on the Channel 3 News at 6.