Samsung hopes to capitalize on next-generation flip phone trend

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NEW YORK (CBS) Samsung is hoping consumers will flip for its latest device. The company just unveiled a new bendable phone, and they're not alone.

The Galaxy Z Flip is not your father's flip phone. Samsung unveiled its new phone that unfolds into a full-sized smartphone.

You can take a photo with the phone closed or the device can open at different angles like a laptop, allowing for a new way to take selfies.
And instead of plastic, the front is made of durable, flexible glass.

"It's really about re-igniting that excitement for people feeling like they want to be one of the first people on the block with one of these," said Dan Ackerman with CNET.

He says the Z Flip is the latest following the tech trend of devices that bend. Samsung started selling the Galaxy Fold last year, which turns a smartphone into a small tablet. That was followed by the Motorola Razr flip phone. And TCL introduced a folding device, but it goes beyond phones. Several laptop and tablet makers are now incorporating a bendable experience.

"There's a lot of interesting ways you can remix what it means to be a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone," Ackerman said. "I think we are going to see a lot of experimenting over the next couple of years at how to take this new technology."

For Samsung customers who don't need a bending phone, there's the new Galaxy S20. The 5G phone comes in three sizes and has a new camera that shoots 8K video. The most expensive model can take photos at 100 times zoom.

The Galaxy S20 goes on sale next month and starts at $999. The Galaxy Flip will hit select stores on Febuary 14th and costs $1,380.