Sanders falls to 5th in polling in New Hampshire

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. (WCAX) A big development in Campaign 2020-- Bernie Sanders is dropping in the polls in New Hampshire.

In the latest poll by St. Anselm's New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Joe Biden remains in first among Democrats with 20 percent.

But Sanders is no longer in second place behind him. Instead, Kamala Harris is at 17 percent.

Elizabeth Warren is third with 16 percent.

Pete Buttigieg has 11 percent.

And Bernie Sanders is fifth with 9 percent.

Sanders' campaign responded, saying: "The poll has a sample size of 351 and the margin of error is over 5%. Also shows him doing better with seniors than people under 34, which would be a drastic reversal in any poll ever taken. It's a bad poll."

In 2016, Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, beating Hillary Clinton and setting off his pursuit of the presidency.

We spoke to political expert Matt Dickinson on the recent poll. Watch the video for the full interview.