Sanders stumps in New Hampshire

BERLIN, N.H. (WCAX) Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is back in Vermont after four campaign stops in New Hampshire over the last two days. Our Adam Sullivan has more on Sanders' message for North Country voters.

Sanders began his Tuesday in Berlin, New Hampshire, at a town hall-style breakfast. The senator joked that it was the free food that got people to turn out. But after an hourlong speech and questions and answers, it was clear it was the senator supporters were coming to see.

If you were wondering if there is still support for Bernie Sanders in the Granite State, the answer is pretty clear.

"We did well last time. And I want to thank everyone for their help, but we take nothing for granted," Sanders said.

Sanders easily defeated Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire during the 2016 presidential primary and many in the room Tuesday had already made up their minds for the 2020 first-in-the-nation primary.

"He's concerned about our future. He's concerned about our children and our grandchildren," said Kelsey Ander, a Sanders supporter.

But unlike 2016, Sanders faces a crowded Democratic field and his positions on health care, college debt and the minimum wage are championed by many others in the race.

"I find it so interesting that your opponents, to be blunt, has stolen all of your ideas basically," one supporter said.

"I'm not going to call them out," Sanders said. "I'm proud of it."

Sanders often says the election isn't about him, but rather the grassroots movement. But he also says his consistency on the issues over the years sets him apart from the pack.

"People can decide for themselves and what the primary process is about is what candidate do you trust the most," Sanders said.

"A lot of it is they've taken up a lot of stances that he took up a few years ago. So, I am still going to stick with him," said Adam Cloutier of Berlin.

Sanders currently trails in the national polls behind former Vice President Joe Biden, though the Vermont senator continues to raise millions and touts his expanded his donor base.

After Berlin, Sanders was off to Littleton. It's all part of a whirlwind campaign cycle that finds him on the road for weeks at a time.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: Some say you are spending too much time on the campaign trail and not enough time back home representing the people of Vermont. What is your message to the folks back home?
Sen. Bernie Sanders: That is a difficult issue and I understand that and I'm torn. It's just very, very hard. You can't go to California and you can't go to Iowa and you can't go to Texas and be back in Vermont. So, I'm doing the best that I can.

Sanders added off-camera that many of the issues that he fights for on the campaign trail directly affect Vermonters, a state he was happy to head back home to Tuesday afternoon.