Sanders supporters turn out for Montpelier rally

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MONTPELIER, Vt. A cloudy, Spring day did not stop Vermonter's and Sanders supporters from coming out to Montpelier. The Senator took the stage and addressed the crowd on the Statehouse steps as he made his first stop in Vermont for his 2020 campaign.

The Senator spoke for just over a hour. Sanders outlined his campaign, hitting on his plans like economic justice, a $15 minimum wage, health care for all, and the pressures of fighting climate change.

He called out the White House Administration for their policies which he says does not help everyday Americans, but fuels corporate companies and the 1% of the nations wealth.

On Saturday, the main focus of his rally was his foreign policy record. Sanders made clear his history against the Vietnam and Iraq war, and even more recently with the possible intervention with Iran.

"A war which would be, in my view, much more destructive if you believe it more then the war in Iraq and could lead us literally to perpetual warfare in that region," said Sen. Sanders, "If we stand together and keep our eyes on the prize, we are not only going to win this election, we are going to transform this country and create the kind of nation that you know we can become."

This was the first stop in Vermont for Sanders since he announced his campaign for 2020 a few months ago. Before the rally WCAX News asked Vermonters if they were upset it took so long for the Senator to make a stop in his home state. People we spoke with said they have no issue with it and he has their support.

"Vermont is behind Bernie, he's gotta go out there and talk to everybody else," said Elizabeth Maris of Elmore.

"He has huge support in Vermont so I think he should concentrate in other areas, he needs people to see his message more," said
Sean Franson of Danville.

Sanders will be heading to New Hampshire next, continuing his campaign over the next few days.