Santa surprises kids at the UVM Children's Hospital

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A big day at UVM's Children's Hospital where Santa stopped in to say hello and deliver some gifts.

The reindeer were saving up their strength for Christmas Eve, so Santa Claus got some help from Customs and Border Protection out of Plattsburgh. They gave him a ride in a helicopter. Kids got to go to the window and watch in wonder as the big man flew by. Then he came inside and handed out some presents.

"Hunting clothes, gun set, and a bow and a small fish pole," said patient Mason Wedge, describing some gifts.

"It's good to take the mind off after hours of being up and not knowing what's going to happen," said Bethany Rugar, the mother of a patient.

"Well I sure hope that it rains a little happiness and a little joy into their lives considering what everybody -- that children and their families -- have been through this year, and that and that's the reason why," said Chris Cringle "AKA Santa Claus"

Santa stayed a little while longer, then got a ride home in that helicopter so he could check in on the elves and prepare for the biggest night of the year.