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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) After about a week of investigating a suspicious death in Winooski police think they have an answer. Police found Hannah Keyes (28) dead at her home during a welfare check last Saturday. On Thursday, police said they were looking for her fiancé, Keith Gaston, as a person of interest. But yesterday, they say surveillance shows him parking his car near the Winooski River, walking by businesses, and then jumping into the river. This was one day after the Halloween storm, so water conditions were rough. Police are presuming Gaston is dead, but his body has not been found. They also have not said how Keyes died, or if they believe Gaston did it.

During last week's storm, Burlington Police and Fire lost some of their lines of communication. When a bridge washout took down a Verizon fiber line in Burlington, it knocked out service to twenty-six towers leaving all Verizon customers in the dark for three and a half hours. Clay Purvis, the Director of Telecommunications with the Department of Public Service said, a massive outage like this during an emergency raises questions about redundancies within cell companies' systems and the state's lack of jurisdiction over their operations. Purvis also says Verizon notified the FCC of the outage, but it didn't notify the state. In a statement on Friday, Verizon said in part, "We are refining our system to provide notice of outages to Vermont state, local and public safety agencies." They still have yet to confirm if they alerted the Vermont E-911 board of the outage. Luckily, the department also uses AT&T and over the air radios during emergencies in preparation for cases like this one.

Vermont's own Ben and Jerry's and its parent company, Unilever, are facing a lawsuit for false advertisement. A complaint filed last week by advocate, James Ehlers, accuses the companies of deceiving consumers by saying the milk and cream they use comes from "happy cows." Ehlers claims many of the farms that produce the milk and cream are factory style, mass production dairy operations. The claim says, only part of the company participates in the "Caring Dairy" program. A spokesperson for Ben and Jerry's says the company doesn't comment on pending lawsuits.