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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Local Law enforcement was making news at the end of the week. We're looking at a new report that's providing policy change recommendations for the Burlington Police Department. The Burlington City Council created a police review committee this summer. This report includes looking at areas like community oversight and transparency. It's recommended B.P.D. and the city report back to the public in one year to share what steps they've taken to improve transparency. In South Burlington, police are opening an internal investigation about a couple of its officers. The two officers under investigation are Kelsey Monroe and Cassandra Ellison. They potentially knew about Christopher Matott's incidents and never reported them, violating department policy.
The former South Burlington officer pleaded not guilty to six charges in court on Thursday. The Winooski Police Detective is accused of choking his girlfriend, threats of violence, and other abuse. Chief Shawn Burke says depending on the outcome of the internal investigation Monroe and Ellison could go through retraining or face harsher penalties.

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In New Hampshire, a new bill would require bottled water companies to make sure their products meet the same standards as public drinking water. Many people think bottled water is safer than tap. But last year, high levels of toxic PFA chemicals were found in bottled water from Massachusetts. That water was sold in New Hampshire and other states before that company closed in August. The bill would apply to bottlers both in New Hampshire and out-of-state.

In New York, there's a new campaign to stop teen vaping. Governor Cuomo wants to see a ban on flavored nicotine products and restrict ads aimed at kids.A recent survey shows four out of ten high school seniors in New York have used a vaping product at least once in the last month. Numbers are rising and mostly show youth using the products. We spoke to vaping advocates who say it does help people stop smoking. But, flavors attract young people and are not considered necessary to quit smoking tobacco.