Scam targets tax professionals

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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) New York officials are warning tax professionals to look out for a scam that's targeting them.

They say the scammers are impersonating tax software providers via email, reaching out to tax professionals and asking them to verify their login information. When people click on the link and enter their info, scammers steal their usernames and passwords.

Officials say these software programs would never send emails asking for that information. "Our software will never ask us for our username and password," said Stephen Wood with Boulrice & Wood CPAs. "If they need to talk to us for us for something, it's for the overall working of the program, not for our specific copy of the program."

By stealing login info from tax professionals, scammers can gain access to their profiles and even client information. Officials say the emails usually contain a subject line similar to "Software Update" and the emails include wording such as "important software system upgrade."

The IRS is asking for people to forward these emails to them and the tax software companies being impersonated.