Science Hacks: Elephant Toothpaste

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 6:37 PM EST
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A quick science experiment you can craft at home, Elephant Tooth Paste shows you how to instantly make a foam made up of many of the same components in toothpaste - but enough of it to clean an elephant's tusks. Be sure you do this with adult assistance, because it could be messy! Why? This project shows you how these types of ingredients combine with highly reactive results!

You'll need:

- Liquid dish soap

- Peroxide

- Food dye

- Beaker or other small container

- 16 oz bottle

- Safety goggles

- Small cup

- 3 tbsp of warm water

- Yeast packet

Work with an adult, because this one is a little more complex, and involves water, hydrogen peroxide and food coloring, and the result can be messy if you aren't careful!