Scott: Vermonters should learn from Bush

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Gov. Phil Scott says former President George H.W. Bush is leaving behind plenty of lessons for Vermonters and Americans.

Vermont's Republican governor says the late president lived a remarkable life of service and set a good example for Americans. Scott says he didn't follow politics closely when Bush was in office but he hopes to live up to Bush's example. Scott says Bush was able to accomplish a lot while working with a Congress led by the other party-- a situation that Scott says he is dealing with here in Vermont.

"Hopefully, we'll learn some lessons about the kind of man he was: humble, able to work across party lines, always willing to listen to others. And, again, a member of the greatest generation. Think about what he contributed to this nation, and without a lot of fanfare," Scott said.

The governor says he hopes he and Vermont lawmakers can follow the late president's example and work together on behalf of Vermonters.