Scott administration pushes for pot youth prevention funding

Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 4:32 PM EDT
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Doctors and the Scott administration say funding for youth prevention and education must be part of any legal retail market for marijuana.

Human Services Secretary Al Gobeille joined the Vermont Medical Society Thursday to call for such funding. A Senate-passed bill does not include funding for youth prevention programs. Gobeille says the funding is needed, but tax revenue from a legal retail market is needed to raise the money.

"I firmly believe that it will happen here. And so the question is not will it happen, the question is how do we go about it in a smart and informed way?" Gobeille said.

Dr. Jill Rinehart, a pediatrician and member of the Vermont Medical Society, says investments in youth prevention programs has worked in places like Iceland.

"Money must be put aside from the marijuana industry that is dedicated to evidence-based youth prevention programs," she said.

Gobeille says lawmakers should find ways to begin youth education programs to launch alongside a legal market.