Scott administration says upswing in revenue negates need for new taxes

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont lawmakers will decide if they want to raise your taxes in next years budget, but Governor Phil Scott says that's not needed.

That's because state revenue is $50 million above what was expected for the year. Under state law, surplus funds are split evenly between reserve funds and paying down long-term debt.

Secretary of Administration Susanne Young says the administration supports that, but may want to use some money to help balance the current budget at the end of the year. Young says a revenue upgrade is also expected in July.

"The best use of that money is for one-time cost," Young said. "Let's not raise taxes when we don't need to. If we are looking at a revenue upgrade for FY20, there's no need to raise taxes depending on the scope of that."

Legislative leaders and the governor will meet this week as the legislative session winds down.