Segundo-Clark found guilty of grandmother's murder

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The Northern New York man accused of killing his grandmother with a kitchen knife after a fight on Thanksgiving has been found guilty.

Gustavo Segundo-Clark

It took about five hours of deliberations between Wednesday and Thursday for the jury to find Gustavo Segundo-Clark, 25, of West Chazy, guilty of all six charges: second-degree murder, assault, tampering with physical evidence, criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of grand larceny.

Our Kelly O'Brien has reaction to the verdicts.

"I think the jury did what they needed to do," Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said.

After seven days of trial hearing testimony from 50 witnesses and seeing more than 150 pieces of physical evidence from multiple crime scenes ranging from West Chazy to Syracuse, the jury found Segundo-Clark guilty on all six charges.

Guilty of murdering and assaulting his grandmother, Ginger Clark, 73, last Thanksgiving.

Guilty of grand larceny for taking her 2010 Subaru Forrester and credit card.

Guilty of tampering with physical evidence by washing the knife used in the murder.

Guilty of criminal possession of a weapon.

"Obviously, with the defendant being found guilty of all six charges, we are thankful to them for that," Wylie said.

During the trial, the prosecution walked the jury through the days leading up to and following the murder of Ginger Clark. They painted a picture of a young man angry at his grandmother's nagging. And they had piles of physical evidence that pointed to Segundo-Clark.

"The evidence is overwhelmingly clear. It gives us one answer. Did the defendant intentionally murder Ginger Clark? That's the only option we have, that's the only option the evidence gives us," Clinton County Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Stitt said.

The defense cross-examined only a few witnesses, like family members and Segundo-Clark's behavioral health counselor and called no witnesses of their own.

They used their closing arguments to try to poke holes in the prosecution's case.

"I firmly believe there are significant pieces of the puzzle missing here," defense attorney Joe Mucia said.

It was no snap decision for the jury; they took more than five hours to reach a verdict.

"We think that they definitely did their job and justice has been served in this case," Wylie said.

Mucia declined to comment on the verdict.

The judge has set Segundo-Clark's sentencing date for Sept. 26.