Selling lottery tickets is up to retailers

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 1:56 AM EDT
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Lottery games are primarily sold at convenience stores and supermarkets, which are still open under Gov. Phil Scott's order.

It is now up to the retailer's discretion whether they want to continue selling lottery tickets.

One convenience store chain in Vermont shut down their games when they stopped accepting cash payments, others have stopped to prevent people from lingering in and outside their store.

The lottery is currently not sold online, but there are other options to keep playing.

"You can just go to the store once and prebuy the numbers that you want for a range of draws into the future and then you don't need to go visit the store," said Gary Kessler, the deputy commissioner of the Vt. Department of Liquor and Lottery. "As the governor said, we want people to stay home, stay safe and for those who want to play the lottery, we want them to stay in the game."

Kessler says players can also purchase six to 12-month subscriptions with their numbers and name.

Their winnings are kept track of and a check is sent directly to the player.