4 killed in head-on collision in Bridport

Published: Aug. 7, 2017 at 1:08 PM EDT
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Vermont State Police say four people were killed in a two-car, head-on collision on Route 22A in Bridport Monday afternoon.

Kent Wright was in his kitchen Monday when he heard a loud crash. He lives just off North Cream Hill Road in Bridport.

"I felt and heard a kind of thud and reverberation of some kind," Wright said. He called police and went outside with his binoculars to get a better look. "I think I counted 50 vehicles on both sides of the road that were backed up for quite awhile there until the cops finally got there and started moving them around, moving them down this road."

Around 12:45 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to a serious crash on Route 22A. They arrived to find a two-car tangle with multiple injuries.

"Two adults were in the pickup truck. They were transported to UVM. I don't have an update to their condition right now. And we had four fatalities in the vehicle that was heading the opposite direction," said Vermont State Police Capt. Michael Manley.

There were no survivors in the white Volkswagen Beetle. Police say the four occupants -- two men and two women -- were co-workers.

Police say the beetle was headed northbound, crossed the center line and hit the Ford pickup head-on. A witness driving a tractor trailer saw the horrific scene unfold and was able to tell police what he saw. A crash reconstruction team was on scene taking measurements and piecing together what happened.

Wright says this stretch of 22A is a notoriously bad spot for crashes. "Since '92, the last time we stopped counting -- which was a few years ago -- I think we had 48 people go off the road on both sides of the road -- either go through our fence or turned over. Since then there's probably been 20, 30, 40, more," he said.

Late Monday night police identified 3 out of the 4 victims as Steven Holmes, 20 from Chatsworth, Georgia – Amber Brewer, 19, from Dalton, Georgia – and Justin Hendrix, 38, from Bryceville, Florida. The identity of the 4th person has not yet been released.

The people are in the other car suffered non-life threatening injuries.