Fantastic foliage and waterfalls galore

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BRISTOL, Vt. (WCAX) It's peak foliage season for many across the region. Our Sharon Meyer has been making the rounds and finding the best views.

In mid October, golfers are often some of the first people out enjoying the weather and the scenery early in the morning.

"You can play when there's frost on the greens because you can damage the greens, so they usually wait until the sun comes up a bit and warms up the greens for us,"

Dave Black and Dave Fernandez have been golfing almost every day this summer, but it's especially nice this time of year.

Sharon Meyer: Do you pay much attention to your surroundings?
Dave Fernandez: Yeah, this time of year we sure do. You step up on that that 7th tee and you look down this whole valley and then the greens here and they have that painting in the background. It's just gorgeous.
Dave Black: Yes, we talk about it all the time when we look around here and see how fortunate we are we are."

A typical foliage tour through Vermont includes mountains, scenic vistas, farm animals, and of course colored leaves. But on this day we discovered a route that also includes five beautiful waterfalls. The first one we stopped at was Northfield Falls, where you can also take in three covered bridges -- not a bad start to the day. Our next stop was at was Warren Falls.The cascades are a short 800-feet from the parking lot and you are not likely to be alone when you get there.

John and Ruthie Phillips are visiting the Green Mountains from Texas. "It's beautiful. This is awesome. And I'm colorblind and it's still awesome," said the couple.

We asked John and Shauna Smitt of Springtown, Texas, how the foliage compares to home. "It's beautiful, it's just amazing. The colors are gorgeous," Shauna said.

"When it's fall there, they fall, that's it," added John.

After the recent heavy rains, all of these waterfalls are putting on quite a show. Not far down Route 100 in Granville is Moss Glen Falls, where mom and pops have been selling maple products in the parking lot for 20 years. You can even see these beautiful falls from the road, but a boardwalk will take you right to the foot of the falls.

We turned off on Route 125 to cut across the Middlebury Gap through the Green Mountain National Forest. And right around the corner -- another waterfall. Back on the road and through the gap, we noticed there are a just a few spots where the foliage is starting to go by, but overall there is peak color across much of Vermont and there are many, many trees showing some very bright color.