Sheriff's Dept. releases investigation a month after 'unjust arrest' protests

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 11:34 PM EST
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A follow up on accusations against a Vermont Sheriff's Office for the profiling of immigrants. More than a month later, that office is denying it did anything wrong.

In December, dozens of Migrant Justice supporters protested outside the Chittenden County Sheriff's Office.

The group was upset about the traffic stop. Deputy Sheriff Jeffery Turner pulled over four people in a car for speeding on I-89. One passenger translated for the driver. She told the Deputy Sheriff, the driver did not have I.D. and was in the country undocumented from Mexico.

The Deputy called Border Patrol concerned about potential human trafficking. Border Patrol then detained the driver.

Later, someone complained the deputy profiled the people in the car sparking the protests.

On Friday, the Sheriff's Department denies it following an investigation.

It says the department reached out to people in the car individually. They either did not respond or did not want to be involved.

We reached out to Migrant Justice about this latest report from the sheriff and said:

Migrant Justice strongly disputes Sheriff McLaughlin's description of the incident in question and unequivocally denounces the conclusion that Deputy Turner's conduct did not violate department policy. We are actively pursuing avenues for an independent investigation and legal remedy. We believe that the truth will prevail and that those responsible for Luis Ulloa's deportation will be held accountable.