UPDATE: Shooting in Burlington, suspect arrested

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - UPDATE: Saturday evening, Burlington Police put out a statement that names the alleged shooter as 30-year-old Ross Hanvey. Police say he was taken into custody that morning without incident. According to Burlington Police, Hanvey is a convicted felon with a lengthy list of past arrests.

Police say Hanvey and the victim got into an argument over drugs. The confrontation allegedly turning violent.

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Right now a man is in the hospital recovering after he was shot in the Old North End.

Police were called to North Champlain and Peru Street around 1 o'clock Saturday morning for a shooting. Saturday morning the investigation lead police to an apartment complex about a block away on Sherman Street.

"I heard some banging, but I didn't think nothing of it. And I didn't want to come outside just in case," said Burlington resident, Susan Loyer.

Early Saturday morning, police responded to North Champlain Street and Peru Street for a report of shots fired. Emergency crews brought a man to UVM Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the torso.

"A lot of police. On every corner," said Burlington resident Lucy Tompkins.

Police cruisers stayed in the neighborhood for hours Saturday some surrounding this house on Sherman Street.
Firefighters and paramedics were also on the scene waiting and watching. Burlington police say someone in connection with the shooting barricaded themselves in the attic.

"They made all the neighbors leave the building for right now," said Burlington resident, Brittany Trayah.

Officers say they used fiber optic cables and thermal imaging to see the person in hiding. They also brought in small robots to avoid sending police up into the attic.

"They went in with a shield, so I imagine there's still danger," said Tompkins.

Many worried their families could end up getting caught in the mix.

"It's scary. We have a one and a half year old daughter. And it doesn't make us feel comfortable sleeping at night," said Trayah.

"A stray bullet goes my door or my window, because I have my daughter and my granddaughter, you know?" asked Loyer.

"I walk by here every day. Every day. And it's really scary," said Tompkins.

While police activity brings some excitement to the neighborhood.

"I don't stick my nose in other people's business, and I stay inside,"said Loyer.