Analysis of Iowa debate

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:21 AM EST
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With the Iowa caucuses less than three weeks away, the six Democratic presidential candidates knew what was at stake Tuesday night.

The six candidates took the Iowa debate stage in their last-ditch efforts to get the go-ahead before the Feb. 3 caucuses.

Candidates spoke out about key issues on health care, foreign policy and taking on President Donald Trump.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were ready to move on from reports that Sanders told his Senate colleague a woman couldn't win the presidency.

We asked our political expert Matt Dickinson about this exchange and how he thought each senator handled it.

"I thought Bernie Sanders was in a no-win situation. Elizabeth Warren said, 'Let's talk about if a woman can win the presidency and of course a woman can win.' But a lot of women heard that and said don't dismiss the idea that this little bit of sexism still influences how people choose. He didn't handle it quite as effectively as she did," said Dickinson.

At the end of the debate, cameras captured a tense moment where Senator Warren appeared to dodge Sanders' handshake.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Dickinson.

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