Ski resorts rejoice as snow moves in

JEFFERSONVILLE, Vt. (WCAX) On the slopes of Smugglers' Notch Resort, skiers and riders say conditions aren't too bad.

"Windy," said Donna Vose of Connecticut, "but the snow is pretty good on those trails."

But there's one thing missing: fresh powder. Their last snowfall was on Feb. 3.

"We've had a bit of a drought the last couple weeks," said Mike Chait of Smugglers' Notch.

Chait says they have been spoiled with a record-setting season so far. They have a great base and are getting a blast of snow heading into Presidents Day weekend.

Tuesday, Smuggs has 48 of 78 trails open and six of the eight lifts running. But they say with this storm coming in and with the snow they're expecting, and if it sticks, they could be 100 percent open by Wednesday.

"It won't take much," Chait said. "We just need some stuff to fall and stick to this base and we'll be back in action."

Mother Nature is better marketing than most ads.

"When it snows in Boston, we tend to see some good numbers on the mountain," Chait said.

Good numbers on the mountain translate into good business in town.

"A lot of people don't like driving in the storms, but as soon as it mellows down, we're going to be wall-to-wall again," said Aislinn Fletcher, the night manager at the Cupboard in Jeffersonville.

The Cupboard expects to get more customers picking up snacks on their way to the mountain.

"Every morning we have breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts that we make every morning, and everyone always takes those to go up to the mountain. We also have wraps that people get for lunches. So it's pretty much wall-to-wall in here for lunch," Fletcher said.

And other recreation businesses in town see the storm as a selling point. Barb Salg, who owns Sterling Ridge Resort, says they're already reaching out to snowmobilers.

"It really makes us have something to advertise and be excited about," Salg said. "And let our guests know to come on up and visit us."

Back at the mountain, skiers we spoke with say bring it on.

"Snooooow!" said Avery Bonanno of New Jersey.

"Two feet, two feet of snow. But we'll see. Even 14, 15 inches would be great," said Courtney Bonanno of New Jersey.

"Hopefully, we'll have 10 inches by then. Just get here early, it's going to be crowded!" said Bill Slocum of Greensboro.

Smuggs was sitting at 274 inches of snow before this storm. The resort expects they'll cross 300 soon. Maybe not with this storm because they're expecting about a foot.