Sneak peek inside the new City Market

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 1:58 PM EST
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The final touches are being added to the new City Market location off Pine Street in Burlington.

"I think, as a neighbor, we are pretty excited about it," said Charles Catlett, who lives on Ferguson Avenue.

City Market is excited, too. Community Engagement Director Allison Hope gave WCAX News a tour of the new location and said she hopes the new design will promote a sense of community.

"I think the first thing people will notice are spaces to congregate," Hope said.

She says they've been talking about a new location for more than five years.

"We did a market study looking at areas like Winooski, the south end of Burlington and a few other places, and the market really showed that the south of Burlington down the Pine Street corridor was the best place to open that up," Hope said.

With new parking, bike racks and a bike repair station, they're hoping to draw residents here.

"I don't have to get in my car to go to the grocery store anymore," Catlett said. "I can just walk out the door or send my son over to the store to pick something up."

"I'm excited it will make it easier for me to get my groceries," said Iris Mitterdorfer, who works nearby.

And with all the excitement of the new City Market location, neighbors have two main concerns: one is the traffic it will create and the other is employee parking.

"Employees of City Market are not allowed to park in the parking lot; they are being forced to park on the street. They will be encouraged to take the bus is what I've been told with bus vouchers. But we all know in the winter no one wants to wait for a half-hour for a bus," said Vivian Sparza, who lives on Ferguson Avenue.

Sparza says she wanted more discussion about fixing the city's infrastructure before the store was put in.

"The problem with Pine Street hasn't been addressed yet, which the entire city is complaining about," she said.

Customers will be able to shop here starting Thursday, but the grand opening won't be until spring when the weather is warmer.