Snow blankets part of our region

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Is it March or May? Many people around the region woke up to snow on the ground Tuesday.

Parts of northern New Hampshire were getting snowfall along with Vermont's higher elevations. The National Weather Service said there were reports of 2.2 inches of snow in Alstead, 2 inches of snow in Acworth and an inch of snow in Pittsburg, all in New Hampshire.

In West Danville, the home of the annual Joe's Pond ice out competition, the ground was blanketed with snow this morning, though, much of it was already melted by lunchtime.

"On TV they said we have three inches. Everything was totally white. As you can see the car. It's pretty, of course it's pretty," said local resident Mike Cangro

"I hate it. I don't hate it. It's pretty, but we've had enough," added Betty Cangro.

The entire Northeast is dealing with unseasonably cold weather on Tuesday, with most of the region likely to top out in the low 50s. The cold weather follows some record-setting rainfall in April in parts of New England.

Watch the video of May snowy images from WCAX viewers.

And feel free to send us photos of your own.