Some New York churchgoers upset over reopening restrictions

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Churches in New York have the OK to open back up but there are restrictions.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there cannot be more than 10 people gathering inside for services.

That has many churchgoers upset and contacting their local officials, like Assemblyman Billy Jones.

Jones says churches in the North Country are big-- some hold hundreds of people-- and the governor should change the max from 10 people to a percent of the churches' capacity.

"Put more parishioners, put more people in those places of worship in a safe manner and follow all the social distancing and the safety guidelines. I believe the people that have put these plans in, the churches and religious organizations that have done this, will abide by them and the parishioners will," said Jones, D-Plattsburgh.

The governor's orders also call for strict social distancing within churches, too.