Some essentials still hard to stock at grocery stores

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 3:43 PM EDT
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We know food markets in our region were wiped clean of some products early in this crisis as people rushed to stock up on essentials. We asked our Ike Bendavid to see if that is still happening. Here's what he found out.

Jake's One Market is a neighborhood grocery in Burlington's Old North End. It opened just a few months ago.

"We have got everything for every budget and every taste," said Martin Bromirski, the store manager.

But even after recently stocking up, Bromirski said their shelves were cleared by the panic buying and people loading up their carts.

"It's leveled out but it's still very busy," Bromirski said.

On Tuesday, crews were stocking the shelves.

While toilet paper might still be low, things like chicken and produce are ready to find a home.

"I think the supply chain has leveled off on everything but certain items that are not available," Bromirski said.

The store has been following the CDC health guidelines to protect their employees and customers. They plan to add plexiglass over the register.

"Maintaining distance, gloves for staff, gloves for all the customers that walk in the door," Bromirski said.

A similar story at City Market in Burlington.

"So, it's really an interesting time," said John Tashiro of City Market.

They already have plexiglass up at the cash registers and they also say that initial rush from shoppers has come and gone.

"We certainly saw some higher than usual sales numbers across our stores," Tashiro said. "We have gradually seen the traffic and the sales in our stores slightly on the decline collectively."

Shoppers we talked to say they've had mixed results with finding items they are looking for.

"They are sparse. They are sparse in spots," said Candace Boyce of Shelburne.

"I thought the shelves were quite well stocked. We found everything we wanted. I think people have calmed down," said Tonya Bolduc of Vergennes.

Others say they've adjusted their shopping habits in response to the call for social distancing.

"I'm trying to space it out further than I have in the past," said Bruce McKenzie of Burlington.

Even at the bigger chain stores, we are seeing things like plexiglass and distancing being practiced.

Even though there was some inside the market today, the biggest thing at Jake's Market that's hard to restock is still toilet paper.