South Burlington parents anxious about possible strike

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. South Burlington parents are anxious about the possibility of a strike.

The teachers union says they will walk out of the classroom if they can't reach a contract deal with the school board by Wednesday. The board imposed policy terms at the end of August, but the union pushed back saying they won't accept them. The two sides have now been negotiating for almost a year.

In 2014, teachers were on strike for several days.

"We don't really want another strike,” said Heather Paine, a South Burlington parent. “We've already gone through one… I'm not really feeling like there's enough negotiating."

"They want to be secure in their lives so that they can better take care of our kids,” said Tito Apostol, who is also a South Burlington parent. “But at the same token, we are parents of our kids and we want our kids to be comfortable. So we just want this to be resolved."

Thursday, both parties settled on health care costs but didn't reach an agreement on raises. The board insists it has a limited budget, since its first two budget proposals were shot down by voters. The union says teachers don't want to strike but that the board is leaving them no choice.