South Burlington, school district at odds over City Center project

Published: Jul. 23, 2019 at 5:51 PM EDT
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A dispute between the city and the school district over South Burlington's long-planned City Center project.

Construction continues on Market Street improvements that will eventually pave the way for a new City Hall and other development.

School officials were concerned they had not been provided with all of the details about the project and about how the ongoing construction might impact the nearby Marcotte Elementary School as students return next month.

City officials say they will take precautions to assure the school is not affected by the construction of the building and that students are safe during that time, but negotiations between the three part-owners of the property have kept the project details in a constant state of change.

"It's a large permit application, we are constantly changing the design on a daily basis. So something that four days ago was current, four days later when we send over the information, it's going to be missing a piece or two. So we're just kinda backfilling those gaps in information that occur," said Justin Rabidoux, the director of South Burlington Public Works.

The construction plan includes a new driveway that will allow vehicles to access the school without entering the construction site. And a new perimeter fence for the school grounds will keep children from entering the construction zone.