Reports of gunshots put South Burlington school in lockdown

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Reports of gunshots put a South Burlington elementary school in lockdown Friday afternoon. Kids were kept in secured classrooms for nearly an hour.

That lockdown at the Chamberlin School has since been lifted and children who were here for after-school programs got the OK to leave with their parents.

WCAX News was the only TV station on the scene while police swept the school following reports Friday around 4 p.m. of "loud popping sounds." Principal Holly Rouelle said they were heard by two concerned staff members, so she called 911.

"Given the circumstances, we weren't sure what they were. We followed our safety protocol, so contacted the police, went into the "secure the building," all the staff members did an incredible job of making sure that students were following those protocols, going into safe areas," Rouelle said.

"No other calls about the sounds at all. We were unable to determine what the cause was," said Lt. Jeff Martel of the South Burlington Police.

To be clear, police say there is no reason to think the children and teachers here were actually ever in any danger. They did not find anything throughout their sweep and neighbors they spoke with also did not hear anything.

However, police still want anyone who was in the area around 4 p.m. who may have heard these popping sounds to give them a call so they can investigate further.