Special delivery! Llama brings food to remote residents

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 2:54 PM EDT
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People are finding unique ways to help each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Yorke, the owner of Pembrokeshire Llamas in Wales, and his llama, Max, make special deliveries to the elderly and people self-isolating.

"We live in a small valley with a lot of people who are high risk from the virus. So, we started going to do our own shopping and asking other people if there was anything they wanted," Yorke said.

Yorke and Max make several trips a week, visiting customers in remote areas to deliver food and also some cheer. One man loves the special deliveries.

"Shopping in the old days was miserable. Wasn't it?" he said. "It's great fun these days. Isn't it?"

For Yorke's business, Pembrokeshire Llamas, the pandemic has created some difficult days.

"It's completely shut us down, so we don't have any income,'' Yorke said.

They don't charge for the eco-friendly deliveries, but locals have chipped in to support Yorke and Max.

"He's a bit of a natural diva," Yorke said of Max, "He loves the camera."

Matt says the trips also keep Max active so he doesn't gain weight.

"One of the biggest problems is fat llamas," Yorke said.

And the llama's popularity isn't limited to their town. The farm says they've had special requests for llama deliveries all around the world.

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