Spotted lanternfly: Next potential threat to Vermont plants

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 10:38 AM EDT
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Vermont trees are already fighting bugs that don't belong and now another invasive species may be flying to the Green Mountain State.

Vermont state entomologist Judy Rosovsky says she and her team are tracking the spotted lanternfly.

It's not in Vermont yet, but it has been found in New York and there's a bad infestation in Pennsylvania.

The bug oozes sludge that turns into mold and hurts plants.

"If it's on the leaves, it will inhibit photosynthesis, so the plants can't get as much -- store as much sugar as they would need," said Rosovsky. "And it can also just physically weaken the trees by feeding on them and that can open up entry points for other insects to get in."

Rosovsky says the spotted lanternfly uses tree of heaven to reproduce, but they don't know how many are in Vermont.

Give her a call at 802-828-1319 if you see the bug or the tree.