St. Johnsbury police officer, protester stand together following incident at demonstration

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ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (WCAX) Following an incident where a woman fell down a set out stairs after contact with a St. Johnsbury police officer during a protest, both sides have cleared the air.

Town Manager Chad Whitehead said with the assistance of local attorney Corby Gary, and Police Chief Tim Page, Carmen Turnbaugh, the woman who tumbled down the stairway at St Johnsbury Police Department on June 3, and her brother, met with Lt. Mark Bickford of the SJPD at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center on Saturday.

According to Whitehead, Turnbaugh expressed sincere remorse for her actions which contributed to the incident. Lt. Bickford also expressed his sincere remorse for the unintentional consequence of his actions in clearing the doorway.

The incident happened after a peaceful protest near the St, Johnsbury Police Department on Tuesday. Chief Page says later that day, four arrests were made after some protestors blocked traffic on Main Street. While attempting to enter the building, some demonstrators blocked the door to the department. When officers were clearing through the group of people, Turnbaugh fell down the set of stairs outside the building.

Turnbaugh and Lt. Bickford agreed that the message of Tuesday's protest was too important to be lost in conflict. They now stand together with mutual respect for one another.