Stefanik says GOP must reach out to more nontraditional candidates

NEW YORK (WCAX) North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik sat down with "CBS This Morning" to talk about her efforts to recruit a wider range of Republican women and other nontraditional candidates to run for office.

Stefanik represents the 21st congressional district which covers 12 counties, including Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties in our viewing area. She's running unopposed in New York's congressional primary election Tuesday. On the other side of the ballot is a crowded field of Democrats running for the chance to face her.

Stefanik recently took over as recruitment chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee and says the Republican Party needs to encourage more nontraditional candidates like women, Hispanics and African-Americans.

Stefanik says women tend to be more bipartisan than their male colleagues and that young voters appreciate the willingness to reach across political lines.

"If you look at these swing districts across the country, we need to appeal beyond party lines and I think that makes Congress function more effectively as an institution," Stefanik said.

She said bipartisanship is especially important in swing districts like hers which went for President Obama twice and then in 2016 flipped in President Trump's favor.