Still no suspects in Woodbury homicides

Published: Nov. 9, 2018 at 4:07 PM EST
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An update on the double-homicide investigation underway in Woodbury.

Investigators found the bodies of Carol Fradette, 29, and David Thompson, 48, in the burned remains of their homes. Police say both were shot and killed.

So far, police have not found any suspects or motives.

Washington County Prosecutor Rory Thibault says police are investigating many angles including drugs.

"We have definitely seen or heard rumors on social media or in the community about potential motivations or commentary about the victims. I just want to be clear, from our perspective, someone's life choices-- whether they had drugs in their life or had addiction-- that has no relevance at all to the value of their life or the suffering of the loss has caused their family," Thibault said.

He says investigators found some useful evidence in the victims' homes but he says fire damage is making it harder to investigate.