Stimulating taste buds and the economy

GREENSBORO BEND, Vt (WCAX) - Nothing cheesey about this story.

Vermont cheesemakers coming together during the pandemic to spread an opportunity for customers.

Mateo Kehler is the CEO of Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro Bend.

"We're standing shoulder to shoulder and where would we be without cheese lovers everywhere," he says.

Japser Hill is the driving force behind the Victory Cheese Box.

Each week you can purchase a box of goodies produced by Vermont cheesemakers.

One week has featured Cheddar, the next Farmstead. The most recent Victory Cheese Box is the Green Mountain edition featuring products by Von Trapp Farmstead Creamery, Cobb Hill and Champlain Valley Creamery.

When the stay home order began, Kehler says Vermont cheese makers and artisan cheese makers lost 40 percent of their sales overnight.

This is a way to stimulate your taste buds while stimulating some revenue after some major loses.

"We need to survive and we need our customers to survive and we need consumers to understand what there is to lose, because a lot of what we've built in Vermont and across the country over the past 20 years as an industry is at risk," he says.

Close to 700 boxes have been sold across the country since this venture started about 3 weeks ago.

10 percent of the sales from the boxes are donated to the Vermont Cheese Council.

You can order a cheese box here:

Also included in the box is a jar from Blake Hill Preserves in Windsor. You can check out that company a week from Monday at 6 pm during our Made in Vermont segment.