Stocks struggle to stabilize after wild week

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NEW YORK (CBS) The Dow opened up more than 300 points Friday morning after a 1,032-point sell-off Thursday. Since late January, the index has dipped 10 percent from its record high and flirted with correction territory.

"For the market, it's a breather; for investors, it's a pretty rough week," CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger said.

Monday, the index plummeted almost 1,200 points-- the worst point drop in history. The NASDAQ and S&P also suffered major losses.

The last correction happened back in 2016.

On "CBS This Morning," Schlesinger said we're overdue for a major pullback.

"It's also been a very tranquil period over the last couple of years until the recent selling began. We've had very little fluctuation, very few big down days," Schlesinger said. "I know it's jarring to see numbers on the screen but we've been overdue."

Economists say there could be more choppy days ahead and rallies could give way to volatility, something we haven't seen in a while. But whatever you do, financial advisers say don't panic.