Stolen, damaged Vermont-made car makes it to Las Vegas car show

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 7:44 AM EST
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A Vermont car team is showing off their labor of love at a show in Las Vegas, but the car looks a little bit different than when they first shipped it.

Quintin Brothers Auto & Performance from Williston built a $200,000 custom car for a buyer in Pennsylvania. After eight months of hard work, they sent it to the SEMA car show in Las Vegas where the new owner would see it for the first time. But the so-called supercar didn't make the debut they'd all planned. The auto group says as soon as the car arrived in Vegas, a man stole it, took it on a joy ride, and rammed it into a cop cruiser.

Police eventually found the car abandoned in a parking garage.

Our CBS affiliate reports the man was arrested earlier this week and is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder.

When the owner got his damaged car back, car enthusiasts at SEMA encouraged the auto group to put it on display as is, damage and all.

"It was just, 'Hey, we're from the East Coast going out West and showing the car off and show them what we can do at Quintin Brothers,' and this and that. And this is just so much bigger, it's crazy. Everyone in the car community in SEMA wanted it displayed the way it was, so we went and got it from evidence and displayed it just the way it is. It looks different, but it's there," said Tim Quintin, the company's co-owner:

The SEMA car show goes all week. Then the Quintin Brothers are taking the car back to Vermont to fix it up.

The buyer told them he definitely wants to keep the car, since it now has an even more unique story than before. And they say, this shows off how much it can really handle.