Storm damage closes Colchester Causeway

Published: May. 8, 2018 at 12:15 PM EDT
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A popular Vermont biking path is closed indefinitely due to damage by last week's heavy rain and wind storm.

On a warm sunny day, the Colchester Causeway is typically buzzing with foot traffic. But Tuesday, people like Ken Wagstaff were distracted by extensive damage to the gravel path.

"Down by the first bridge, it's pretty well trashed out," Wagstaff said.

Friday, a heavy wind and rainstorm rocked Vermont, leaving thousands without power.

"It did a fair amount of damage to the causeway," said Karen Yacos, the executive director of Local Motion.

Yacos says hundreds of thousands of people travel this scenic route each summer. Tuesday, those who did were stopped just a quarter of a mile up the path.

"Down further, I heard it's a lot worse," Wagstaff said.

Colchester officials closed about three-quarters of the causeway, because of dangerous conditions.

"It's a risky environment right now," Yacos said.

Town officials and engineers have been out at the causeway over the past couple of days, evaluating just how bad the damage is. A Vermont Emergency Management spokesperson says it will be about mid-week before they can determine that damage by dollar amount.

Yacos says the damage does not come close to the half-a-million dollars needed to repair spring flooding in 2012. She hopes damages from Friday's storm will be fixed quickly.

"It's a very beloved, world-class resource and it's sad to see it damaged but it will be back," Yacos said.