Stowe bike festival keeps the party rolling during pandemic

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 11:44 PM EDT
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This weekend is typically the weekend of the B3 Festival in Stowe, but it couldn't go on as planned due to the pandemic.

That's when hundreds of bicyclists ride throughout the town and the Cady Hill Forest. This year, organizers felt it wasn't responsible to have large groups of people coming together. But they didn't want to lose the spirit, so they came up with a contest encouraging people to ride the trails in costume with their families.

"We saw just families out on the trails. Whether they were partaking in the contest or not, we just saw a lot of families out on the trails having fun and that's definitely been a theme in this situation and coming out of this situation. People want to get outside and enjoy themselves as a family or with their close friends and households," said Mike Waldert of the Stowe Trails Partnership.

Organizers say about 10 families came out in costume to show their support.